Dental Services
Lewisville, TX


At Zion Dental in Lewisville, general dentistry is the cornerstone of oral health. We address a wide spectrum of oral and maxillofacial issues, ensuring every patient receives comprehensive care. Regular visits for oral health examinations, bi-annual cleanings, and treatment of common dental problems like minor tooth decay are essential. Our approach to general dentistry focuses equally on prevention and treatment. Patients can expect top-quality oral health care and valuable guidance on maintaining dental health between visits.


When your tooth has a cavity, you will need a good filling. At 5 star dental, the cavity will be removed easily and comfortably. Also, we provide different filling materials with different colors to provide the optimal result and for your satisfaction.


For more complex dental issues that fillings can’t fix, Zion Dental offers crowns and bridges. Our Lewisville team carefully tailors these restorations in size, shape, material, and color to seamlessly restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance.


Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal, is a crucial service we provide. This procedure is designed to save severely damaged, cracked, or decayed teeth, preventing pain and abscesses by treating inflamed or infected pulp.


While our primary goal at Zion Dental is to preserve your natural teeth, extractions are sometimes necessary, particularly in cases of severe infection or advanced decay. At Zion Dentals, we ensure a comfortable extraction process and offer solutions like bridges or implants to replace missing teeth, thereby restoring both function and aesthetics. We also perform wisdom tooth extractions to prevent future complications.

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